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Growing the Pizarro’s

Piece Of Your Wing

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You are purchasing the pair. You will receive two bracelets. Left wing and right wing. Do you remember friendship bracelets? They would be that bestie broken heart? Well... when I custom made my logo butterfly in half I knew I could do so much with it. Not only did I make the “sister wing” earrings but I made the one for you and one for me necklace for Mother’s Day. Now that I am crawling out of my comfort zone, I thought how perfect would it be to make them into bracelets. These represent that not only are you missing a piece of your wing but once you reunite with that person you will feel complete. Maybe that other person also feels a piece of their wing is missing too? Whatever this means to you I just hope this piece can also give you hope. Hope that once you’re connected you’ll feel whole again.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Because these are handmade products, there may be slight differences (such as color, shape and patterns) in the product pictured and the one you receive. I create all my pieces from beginning to end, mixing my own colors for unique colors and shades, shaping, sanding, and assembling.

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