Our Journey

Every piece of Growing the Pizarro's jewelry tells a story. It's about my family, it's about me, and now, it's about you, too.


Golden Halo Collection

This collection features a gold-filled bracelet and ring. 10% of all sales will benefit Nico's Promise.


Hope Anchors the Soul Apparel

Excited to bring you our new apparel line.


What's Trending

GTP logo cap with a bright, bold design. The logo is displayed prominently on the front of the cap, making a statement and showing off brand or personal style. The cap is made of durable, high-quality materials for long-lasting wear. Perfect for both comfort and fashion.
Handcrafted polymer clay earrings with intricate design and 18k gold plated earring posts

Clearance Items

Save up to 40% off on select jewelry and accessories. 


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