The Third Trimester

So here we are, 36 weeks into our pregnancy. The second trimester went by pretty smoothly; however, we hit a slight bump on the road heading into the third trimester. On a routine visit to the doctor, Natalie was told that she would need to check her glucose levels. When the results came back she was told that she had developed gestational diabetes. Natalie met with a specialist dealing with diabetes and was told that although her sugar levels were a bit high, she would not need to be put on any medication. Natalie was told that she would need to monitor her sugar levels in the morning and approximately 2 hours after each meal. So that meant more needles!!! We were bummed, especially since Natalie spent the first month or so of the IVF process constantly poking needles in her body. Luckily, in most cases of gestational diabetes, it is gone after the placenta is expelled. Hopefully, this battle will be a short one.

Maternity Pictures
We also had an incredible opportunity to reconnect with our wedding photographer, Stephen Maloman. We got together at a park in Ft. Lauderdale and he snapped up some simple, yet fantastic pictures. Natalie was glowing and the pictures came out perfect. Thank You Maloman!!!!!

Baby bump

Mom and Dad to be

Natalie holding her baby bump

Erik and Natalie Pizarro walking holding hands

Yoga and Crossfit
As some of you may know, Natalie was an active crossfitter (don't think this a verb, but i'm making it one) prior to the IVF/pregnancy process. During the IVF process and early weeks of pregnancy, Natalie had to drop her crossfitting ways. However, as active as she is, Natalie could not just sit around and do nothing. Natalie began prenatal yoga sessions with her friend, Kat. The yoga sessions helped Natalie stretch out those legs and taught her the proper breathing techniques for when she was to go through labor. In addition to yoga, Natalie got back into crossfit. With the help of Virginia and Guido Trinidad over at Peak 360, Natalie was able to keep her fitness levels up. They helped modify the workouts and movements to ensure that she got the best workout in the safest manner possible. Natalie loved the sessions and can't wait to go back with baby in tow.

Baby Shower

Baby Shower gifts

On June 23rd, a baby shower was held at Anacapri in Coral Gables. Family and friends showed up to shower baby "Icee" with love and an abundance of gifts. We were truly blessed to have had such a wonderful time with everyone and share in our special moment. Thank you all!!!

So as we head into the final weeks of pregnancy there's only one thing on our mind:
                                                     The Baby Is Coming!!!!

3D ultrasound image

Is it a boy or a girl? Stay tuned for the arrival...