The IVF Transfer and the Result!

Hello once again everyone! I know it's been a while since we last updated our blog, but there was so much happening in the last month (holidays, house hunting, etc) that it has been hard to find the time to update the blog. So, let's see, where did we last leave off... Ah yes, we last left off with Natalie's retrieval process in which 26 eggs were retrieved but only 1 was strong enough for transfer. Fast forward to December 14 and Natalie and I were off to the doctor's office for the transfer procedure.

The transfer procedure was done out of the IVF doctor's office as an outpatient procedure. No anesthesia was needed and the process was not as invasive as the retrieval. The doctor came in and comforted Natalie and assured her that everything was going to go great. The procedure began with the doctor injecting a catheter into Natalie's uterus. Then, the embryologist arrived with embryo #3 in tow. Picture below:

Crazy, huh?! So embryo #3 (or Icee was we called it) was injected through the catheter and inserted into Natalie's uterus for a successful transfer! The entire process took approximately 10 minutes. The doctor informed us that Natalie was to be on bed rest for the next couple of days and was to return 10 days later to go over the results.

The Result

After 10 long days of praying and anticipation, the day finally arrived in which we would learn the fate of the IVF procedure. This date just so happened to be December 24th. We arrived at the doctor's office and Natalie's blood was drawn. As if we hadn't waited long enough, we had to wait another 30 minutes before we found out our results! Those were the slowest, most anxious 30 minutes ever. Finally, we heard our names called and we were given the amazing news that Natalie was pregnant!

Positive Pregnancy Test

As you can imagine, we were thrilled. After an incredibly long journey, we were given the best gift we can ever imagine, the gift of life. Now we embark on a 9 month pain staking journey. But we could not be happier and relieved to know that we will be able to extend our family by 1 with our new addition. We couldn't thank everyone enough that was there for us. From the doctor, to the nurses and to all our friends and family for keeping us in your prayers and for giving us your words of encouragement. We are truly blessed and believe that miracles do indeed happen.