The IVF Procedure

On July 2012, we decided to move forward with our decision to go through IVF; however, we still did not have a doctor that we really liked. Luckily, Natalie knew of someone who had gone through IVF and recommended a doctor. This "friend" advised Natalie that the doctor was a female and felt that she had a connection with her. She said that she had a true understanding as to what the woman would be going through in an IVF procedure. Natalie felt that having a connection with the doctor was just as important as the knowledge or experience of the doctor. So we moved forward and made an appointment to see this recommended IVF specialist. We could not be happier with the connection we had with this doctor. She was thorough in explaining the condition that Natalie had and how it could be overcome. She was also kind and reassuring. The decision to choose her as our IVF specialist was a very easy one to make.

One of the biggest drawbacks about IVF is the price. Every case is different and so depending on the condition, the price could be higher. In our case, beyond the costs of the IVF procedure, we also needed to have genetic testing, called PGD. PGD can be used for diagnosis of a genetic disease in early embryos prior to implantation and pregnancy. In addition, this technology can be utilized in the field of assisted reproduction for chromosome abnormalities, such as translocations or inversions. Since Natalie's condition is a chromosome translocation, PGD was recommended to analyze the embryo's prior to implantation to make sure she got the best of the bunch. We are also responsible for the costs of medication. There are several medications that Natalie will be on during the 10 days leading up to her retrieval (the day the eggs are removed). These medications over stimulate Natalie's eggs and prepare them to be fertilized. All in all, the costs (I won't say how much, but I joke and say that we're buying a Honda Civic) were not even a deal breaker. Our desire to start a family outweighs any price. In the end, the finances will work themselves out, but the opportunity to start a family is truly a miracle.

Here's a photo of just a couple of the medications that Natalie has to inject herself with.

There's our brave mommy-to-be injecting herself with one of the medications. After a breakdown and several minutes of "thinking about it", she finally went for it. So proud!

As mentioned earlier, Natalie will be on the medication for 10 days. After those 10 days, she will go in for the retrieval of the eggs, tentatively scheduled for November 9th. Natalie will be on bed rest for the day, so shhhh.......

We'll keep you all posted after the retrieval.