The First Trimester

Week 7
As we entered week 7, we were scheduled for our first ultrasound on January 14. We were finally going to meet our little embryo "Icee". Getting the results of the pregnancy test was thrilling; however, being able to actually see and hear a heartbeat was reassuring.  As the doctor proceeded with the ultrasound, she showed us where the baby was located and pointed out the heartbeat. To take it even further, we were able to listen in on the heart beat. We melted! There wasn't a single dry eye in the room. After so much trial and tribulation, this gave us a reassuring sense of completeness (don't think that's a word, but you get my drift). So, as for the baby... the baby measured in at 1.09 cm and had a heart beat of approximately 158.  Right below, is the first ever pic of the little one.
Right as Natalie entered Week 7, morning sickness ensued. She felt nauseous and had the urge to throw up just about every morning. Natalie also began to have a hard time eating. Typical foods that she would eat would make her nauseous. She was on a steady carb diet (if you can call it that). Crackers, bread, and pizza were about the only foods she could stomach. Besides her change in appetite, Natalie's sense of smell was heightened. Seriously, if there was anyone in the zip code smoking a cigarette, Natalie would know.
Week 8
Our second ultra sound was scheduled a week after ultra sound #1. In that 1 week, the baby grew 1 cm. 
Week 9
No ultra sound appointments this week, but the morning sickness and nausea ensue.

Week 10
So Natalie just entered her 10th week, and to "celebrate", we decided to start taking pictures of her belly to see how she grows. She's starting to show just a little bit.
Our next ultra sound appointment is scheduled for Feb. 7 with the OBGYN. This will be our first appointment with the OBGYN since the IVF process started. We then have an appointment with the IVF doctor on Feb. 8, and hopefully Natalie will begin to be taken off of her meds. So much is happening so fast. Keep checking back with us as we count down the weeks to meeting our little one.