F A L L I N G  in Love Again

F A L L I N G in Love Again

F A L L I N G in love again. If you asked me 6.5 years ago if I would have another baby after Sabrina’s passing, I’d probably snapped, cried or just ignored the question. I couldn’t imagine how life could continue without her. How does one love again when your heart was ripped out of your chest in whole. After 6 months without her we realized how incomplete we felt. Like we knew we needed to be parents again and how beautiful would it be to bring a piece of Sabi back within Fia. We decided to go through the IVF process again and our heart grew larger bringing this 🧨  into the world. Thank you Fia for showing us that no matter how deep a loss could be your heart can grow larger to help fulfill the void just a bit.