After the Storm

Hello again to everyone reading our blog. I know it's been a while since we last updated this blog (3 years to be exact) and a lot has happened since then. But we just wanted to update everyone with our story. As you can imagine, it's been a very difficult year for us since our Legendary Princess, Sabrina went to Heaven. The road to recovery never stops from such a tragedy, but we have been blessed with such an amazing group of family and friends that have shown us nothing but love and support. Complete strangers are reaching out to us and showing their support as well. Some of those families have had similar experiences to ours. We learn from each other and give support in any way that we can. Throughout this trial, our faith has grown extensively. Being closer to God and being lead by faith have given us hope. Thanks to the support, our faith and community, we have been able to survive this trial with our spirit held high and loving spirit. Sabrina only knew love, she only knew joy. As she looks down at us, we have to attempt to keep that spirit so that she can find us. And we know that she sees us, because she sends us butterflies to let us know she's around.

Throughout this past year, we have discussed if and when we would ever want to have another child. Having a child is not something that comes easy for us. As you are aware, IVF is pretty much the only way that we can conceive. Well, thanks in large part to you, our wonderful community who blessed us with your donations to the fund account setup in our name, we were able to go and attempt another round of IVF. We have been blessed and are happy to announce that we are expecting another baby girl, Anna Sofia, due March 2017!!!

Erik and Natalie kissing during IVF retrieval

Erik, Natalie and Dr during the retrieval

Erik and Natalie finding out pregnancy is a girl

Erik and Natalie with pink balloons

We are beyond excited to have this opportunity once again. Sabrina hand picked Anna Sofia from Heaven for us here on Earth. Thank you once again and stay tuned for more entries as we will do our best to keep this blog going. Love and blessings to all.

Special thanks to the wonderful people at IVF Florida, Dr. Daniel Christie, Alex Rios and team. We'd also like to thank Jennifer Alvarez for capturing our intimate gender reveal.

- The Pizarro's